Engage & Grow Team

Lawrence De Silva


Employee Engagement Consultant

Lawrence brings to the team his experience as an Information Technology client services professional. In his career, he has taken up leadership roles in various projects and has led them successfully. He has been an enabler of technology supporting the workforce to be productive and efficient at what they do. Working in various industries from Info Tech, financial institutions, statuary boards, manufacturing, insurance and shipping (import/export), with business leaders to common employees, he has experienced that the issues faced are somewhat similar and there are different ways to look at a problem and resolve it. Despite that, he found something was missing and that is when he decided to join Engage and Grow.

Being a life coach allows me to help make someone become good at what they do best. This is certainly an extension to what I had been doing before and the missing link. For over a long time providing customer support in the corporate world, I relish the opportunity of reaching out to help someone and then see that priceless smile on their face. The transformation of emotions of irate and frustration to one of gratitude and joy. Now I like to help activate people using the science of motivation of Engage and Grow. I am also an advocate for building super teams which takes time, effort and good team dynamics.

With Engage and Grow, it provides me with the platform to continue doing that and more. When people start to see how this can help both employers and employees, the potential of this action-based programme unfolds. This brings about highly effective organizations and profitability. After all organisations are made of people and being humans we like to be appreciated and cared for.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do!”– Steve Jobs

That being said, I would like to reduce disconnected workplaces as people should enjoy and be passionate about what they do since they spend a considerable amount of time doing it. This way they would not be working, they will be loving what they do!

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