Engage & Grow Team

Earl Allan


Team Engagement Consultant

Earl started his career practising law in one of Singapore’s top law firms. Subsequently, he ventured into the world of digital marketing start-ups. There he moved from managing clients and project teams to managing the organization. Through the years, Earl has worked with MNC clients as well as in 4A agencies managing clients, operations and teams.

In his last role, Earl was responsible for building remote teams across several regions, cities, cultures and languages. This experience reinforced his passion in working with people to bring out their potential and in building highly engaged, happy teams.

“Through my ups and downs in managing various teams, over time, I learnt what works and does not work in building highly engaged and self-sustaining teams. When I discovered Engage and Grow, I recognized that it could save businesses a lot of time and effort in building great teams with higher quality outcomes and productivity.”

My personal mission is to work with people committed to and passionate about achieving great outcomes by growing highly engaged and happy teams.

You can connect with me directly at https://www.tgimonday.com.sg

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