Engage & Grow Team

Benedict Lim


Engagement Coach

Benedict is the CEO & Chief Psychologist of iGROW Group, a nationally recognized and award winning Psychological consulting firm specialising in Leadership, Engagement and Culture that have helped more than 400 Fortune 500, MNCs, & SMEs, completed more than 700 consultancy projects, conducted more than 5,000 coaching & workshops, impacting more than 75,000 employees since 2009. 

He has accumulated more than a decade of experience working with corporate large and small across different industries. In his work, he is required to consult, counsel, coach and train individuals and organizations in building their Psychological Capital, and live the best possible life. As a result of his vast experience, his is highly sought after to impact the corporate through impactful keynote, seminars, workshops, work-life coaching and psychological strengths & talents profiling.

Benedict has presented in many international and national conferences such as the prestigious TEDx event, and featured on national media such as 938Live, documentary on Channel 5, SME Magazine, amongst other media channels.

With Engage & Grow and his Academic and Practical Experience in Psychology, Benedict helps organization increase their Corporate Health in areas of Leadership, Employee Engagement, Mental Health and Well-being through Technology and Evidence-based Methodology. 

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