Join A Global Movement & Grow Your Business

The world of training has changed. When you look at the traditional training and workshops, how effective and sustainable are their impacts on building company culture and boosting employee engagement?

As an Engage & Grow coach, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives. From helping SMEs, to influencing teams in MNCs, the Engage & Grow coaching programme is transforming teams and leaders throughout the world.

To learn more about becoming a coach, we have many resources that gives you insight into the programme,opportunity and process for an Engage & Grow coach.

Become A Coach
Become A Coach

If you are someone who is

  • passionate about helping create highly engaged and happy workforces in Singapore
  • experienced as a facilitator/coach/trainer/HR professionals
  • driven to help build company culture that attracts talents to companies
  • people oriented, energetic, and a big believer of forging strong relations with colleagues & clients


Become and Engagement Advisor and join a global network of coaches.

Engage & Grow is a global company, based in Melbourne, with 94 coaches in 15 countries and growing. Founder and CEO, Richard Maloney has developed a ground-breaking, neurologically designed program that turns limping businesses into roaring success stories and is getting outstanding results around the world.
Engage & Grow is disrupting traditional training and quickly gets bosses and employees aligned, more productive and happier.
Join a global coach support network, as well as experience a uniques solution to employee engagement issues.
This opportunity is well suited to external self employed consultants or coaches, internal HR professionals and Learning Development Managers.
Get in touch now to see how your coaching business and your clients can benefit from this ground breaking program that is getting results all around the world.

What Makes Our Program Different?

Develops leaders on all levels

Holds everyone publicly accountable to deliver agreed outcomes

Tangible measures to demonstrate growth & ROI

Suits every industry, demographic, personality and culture

Scientifically and neurologically designed over 9 years

What You Get

Helping a high demand market

Business leaders worldwide are feeling the pain of chronic worker disengagement, underperforming and the evolving demands of the new world of work.

Great training, coaching and weekly live webinars.

You won’t be alone… We’re a global community with 100+coaches in 20+countries

Create both active and passive income

Suitable for those people who want to reap the rewards of substantial upfront revenue (active income), ongoing monthly income (passive income).

Your Opportunity

Engage & Grow has built a proven ‘in a box’ system that is ready for you to implement now. Become a key player in an extraordinary movement. This solution is plug and play and creating incredible growth opportunity for our coaches!

Make It Your Own

As an Engagement Strategist, you will customise each program for your clients business and individual. You can add it to an existing offering, dive deeper and wider into a company you are already working with or run it as a stand-alone program. You’re the boss.

How We Support You

Your success is our success, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure our levels of service and support remain exceptionally high, regardless of scale.

When an Engage & grow license is purchased, we provide extensive training and ongoing support to ensure you are provided with all the tools necessary to deliver our programs accurately and effectively. We engage and empower our team to continually deliver the vision for our company via weekly support webinars that involve open and honest communication and recognition, and you will have direct and ongoing access to the General Manager of your region.

We provide you with all the accompanying materials necessary for your success, from sales and marketing to legal documents. You will also have access to our global network of coaches, who you can communicate with regularly regardless of where they are in the world.
Finally, you will have access to our detailed coach dashboard, ensuring you are armed and ready to deliver our step by step programs with ease.