The Unique Approach To Employee Engagement & Culture

The Engage & Grow Singapore team comprises experienced consultants and coaches who believe that engaging your employees and building your strong company culture are essential to your company’s accelerated growth and long term sustainability. We work best with leaders of companies who believe in investing in their people as a success strategy for the business.
Our coaches came from various backgrounds with years of experience in management, training, and coaching. Having been in the industry for a while, we observe that there is a lack of solutions in the Human Resources scene for an effective employee engagement & culture programme with sustainable impact. 
Traditionally, many companies have resorted to training or a team building exercise to help them improve their employee engagement score. However, quite often, they have had to settle for one or two-day sessions due to operational requirements. When it comes to building emotional commitment and forging a strong culture within the team, how effective would a one-time intervention be?

We Bring The Color Back Into The Minds Of Employees And Organisations.


“Engage & Grow is not your traditional training company. We are challenging the norm and disrupting the market with everything we do. And our customers like it”.

Richard Maloney – Founder & CEO, Engage & Grow

The Engage & Grow Difference

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur and world leading engagement expert Richard Maloney, Engage & Grow has a vision to create a globally engaged workforce, one employee at a time.
We were born out of a passion for helping people thrive and we exist to reconnect employees. We are passionate about this because no matter what industry you are in, people are the most important asset to any organisation.
We also believe in challenging the norm. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.

Our neurologically designed programs will:

1. Improve staff retention, productivity and engagement levels
2. Create a fun and connected working environment
3. Increase leader and staff relationships
4. Unearth innovation, best practices and creativity
5. Drive individual and team accountability
6. Remove silo mentality
7. Create a dynamic flow of communication
8. Empower all generations and cultures to work together
9. Expand inter and intra team communication and collaboration
10. Identify and develop current and emerging leadership talent

The result is a fully engaged workforce, strong positive culture, enthusiastic employees and subsequent business growth.

Trillion Financial Planners Journey with Engage & Grow

What Behaviours Drive Us?

We live and breathe what we teach and have five pillars that shape everything we do
  • FUN